Childish Ways


As of this writing, that is how much the movie Wonder Women has made at the United States box office.  If it currently the third highest grossing movie of 2017. It is also a movie no one who is a believer in the things of the bible and a believer in Christ should sit down and watch. I tried last night, and I could not make it 20 minutes into the film without realizing how destructive it was to core Christian values.

In the first 20 minutes of the movie, we are told Zeus created man, and women was created to bring peace on the earth. We are then presented with a world where men are not needed (and do not exist) when introduced to the island. Now I get that the elite Hollywood feminist dream is for a non-male world, but anyone whose life is guided by the bible should be outraged over the first 20 minutes of the movie.

Man and women were created by God to coexist and be in union with each other. The two sexes (and yes, there are ONLY two) were created to be partners for each other. God did this because He knew one could not exist without the other. The disturbing Hollywood trend of diminishing God’s creation and Glory needs to be dealt with by every follower of Christ.

Many strong men and women of faith I know love the movies and television of today. I see it on their social network pages all the time. I see posts like “I just got out of this movie or that movie (Spiderman being the latest one, which openly advocates that there is nothing wrong with porn). I see them raving about how awesome a movie is, or how much they enjoyed a certain episode of a TV show. Yet when I go look a deeper into what they are watching, I am horrified to discover the content.

Many will say “oh calm down, it is just a movie.” The problem is, it is not just a movie. Every single action we as Christians take, and every word that comes out of our mouth (or put forth from our keyboards) needs to fall in line with the biblical teaching of God and Christ. Anything less, and we are falling short of our duties as ambassadors for Christ. At some point, the “calm down, it is just a movie” mentality among Christians needs to stop.

It is time we stop ingesting things of the world simply for our own enjoyment and pleasure and start lifting up only those things which are righteous. By letting Hollywood continue to diminish God by supporting movies and television shows, you are condoning it. Every time you spend a dollar on something that is unGodly and against His Word, you are funding the continuation of those who want to eradicate Christianity off the planet.

How much longer will you continue to allow Christ to be punching bag? How many more movies viewing will it take for you to stop talking about living a Christian life and instead start actually LIVING one.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (1 Corinthians 13:11)

It is time for us all to put away childish things. That mean no more movies that do not give praise to God, no more television that normalizes sex out of marriage, that normalizes violence and that removes God. That means no more music that needs to be censored every other word.

You want Christ to be the center of our world? Then start making Him the center of yours.